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Your IT Solution Partners

About Us
Our senior management team has almost 45 years working in Information Technology and Business Systems supporting sites from 5 users to organizations with over 8,000 users.  We have held positions ranging from Desk Support Specialist to Director Level position at $1Billion organizations.  Our expertise, is bringing IT and Business Systems together to reduce costs and improve processes. 


We have worked in many business sectors including Manufacturing, Engineering, and Finance supporting users in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.  As a team we determined that we enjoy working with small and mid-size organizations where we can have a greater impact on the business.  Utilizing our backgrounds we can help your business achieve it's goals at a fraction of the cost of an internal IT group.  These are just a few of the reasons why we formed Eagle Point Technology Solutions. 


We believe that our client’s should be focused on their core businesses and let us focus on their technology.

WPA Tech helps organizations primarily headquartered in Western Pennsylvanian and T Eastern Ohio make better use of their information technology. By staying local and maintaining a staff of IT experts and support staff, we are able to move quickly to anticipate our client’s requirements which means that we have all the expertise that you’ll ever need.


WPA Tech specializes in technology solutions that match the needs of small to medium sized organizations including Managed Services; Infrastructure Solutions such as but not limited to Unified Communications, Virtualization and Network Security; Software Solutions including Business Systems, Microsoft SharePoint, business intelligence, CRM and custom development.


We Can Manage Your IT challenges and Help You Improve Efficiency and Grow

When it comes to IT, we understand that all businesses are not created equally and require different solutions. We've designed our support services to fit the needs of your organization. We can help you in four different ways:

  • Outsource all your IT with Managed IT Services

  • Supplement your existing IT staff with Onsite IT Staffing

  • Provide IT consulting and special project services

  • Recruit IT Personnel if you wish to keep IT internal

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