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Additional IT Services

Our goal is to ensure that your business has all the IT resources needed to be successful and grow.  WPA Tech understands that when it comes to IT, no two business have the exact same needs.  That’s why we have added Additional IT Services to ensure that all your IT service solution needs are met. 


Following are some of our Additional IT Services


Onsite IT Services – Some business require an IT resource onsite for a couple hours a week or a couple of days to meet there user’s needs.  At WPA Tech we can provide this in addition to the other Helpdesk plans we offer.


Fixed price Technical Projects – While Standard Service Plan covers any projects that affects existing servers and network equipment it does not cover projects that require new equipment unless you have vCIO in which case you are covered.  We work with you and provide a fixed fee service to complete any IT project outside of the Standard Service Plan.


Application Development – We work with our clients closely to help improve business process utilizing your IT resources.  In some cases simply to complex application may need to be designed and developed to achieve these improvements.  Our in-house developers and project managers can develop simple application and we can work with our off-shore developers for the complex applications.  Off-shore application develop is utilized to achieve a cost saving for our clients.  WPA Tech will provide the project management services and is responsible for managing the off-shore resources.  If you have vCIO project management is included.


Project Management business system selection and implementation – WPA Tech can assist your business system selection and implementation projects.  Our project manager has extensive experience managing all stages of these projects.  We cannot implement the software but we can manage the implementation and work with your business and software provider to ensure the solution is being implemented in an effective manner.   vCIO includes business system selection services.


After hours remote help desk – After hours helpdesk can be added to users that have our weekday helpdesk solutions.  This service can be utilized by your users in the event of an afterhours emergency at a per call rate.  Speak to your WPA Tech account manager as the 24x7x365 day support plan maybe more cost effective.


Managed Data Backup – WPA Tech will monitor your backups as part the Standard Service Plan however we also offer our own Backup Solution.  We provide a cloud backup solution that is completely managed by WPA Tech.  We monitor the backs and restore files as needed by your users.  Our pricing is “pay-as-you-grow” which means you only pay by the gigabit for the storage you use.

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